Sullivan's Helping Hands Holds 2nd Annual Baseball Game


Sullivan -  Sunday's 2nd Annual Helping Hands Baseball Game was a game that teamed up kids that don't have a special needs, or disabilities, with kids that do.

Helping Hands is a program that has become invaluable to families with a special needs child.
Parents said it gives their kids a chance to feel just like other kids their age, and for the kids who don't have a disability, it was a chance to help make someone's day a special one.
Helping Hand's co-president said the group continues to grow in importance for the community.

"Helping Hands is an organization for students that have an IEP for 50% of the time, so they're in Special Education.  We take them to do our baseball game and activities outside in the community.  Bowling, we have dances twice a year just so they can interact and have some time with their peers," Casey Hughes told WAND News.

The program is only available to 4th and 5th graders in Sullivan, but Hughes said they can always use volunteers and that you don't have to be from Sullivan to donate your time.

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