Deer Season Hits the "Bulls eye" With Local Economy


Clinton - For hunters, October means early Christmas.  For outfitters, it is pre-Christmas shopping season.

Round Again Sports is only store in town that sells hunting gear, and for a town like Clinton, with public hunting at the nearby lake, deer season will mean a big boost in business.
Round Again's owner told WAND News when hunters shop locally, instead of chain or box stores, it can have a big impact for small businesses.

"You may find it cheaper somewhere else, five or ten dollars, but by the time you calculate gas, and also sales tax...we are a fairly low sales tax rate considering what the other towns are.  I want people to shop locally, and with gas prices the way they are, that's also something to take into consideration," said owner Rebecca Moore.

Deer season will add new employees for some businesses.

Heinkel's, in Decatur, will add nearly 30 employees to help during deer season, and Mowequa Packing Plant will add one full time employee,as well as 6 to 7 part-time workers.

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