Taylorville Cinema Returning to Downtown Taylorville


Taylorville - Hundreds of seats have been empty for over a year at the Taylorville Cinema, but the new owner said when it opens next month, movie-goers will see a show they'll never forget.

For over a year people in Taylorville have had to leave town to see movies on the silver screen, but new owner Mike Wiseman told WAND News he is giving movie fans a reason to stay.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades, the theatre will reopen in November.

Wiseman said updating the theater hasn't been cheap, but people will notice big changes.

"With all the upgrades and the digital conversion, we're probably going to be plus $400,000.  We took the old 35mm projectors out and replaced them with digital projectors, along with 5.1 surround sound and updated the screens to 3D screens.  I don't think that Taylorville has ever had a theatre that has played a 3D movie, so I think the kids will get a kick out of seeing their first 3D movie here," Wiseman said.
With a new business, there will be new jobs.

Wiseman said,"I think I could hire about 10 kids, I'd hire more if I could."

In a tough economy, Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton told WAND News those ten jobs will help.

"Any job is a good job, nowadays especially.  So we're happy about that point as well.  That's kind of the icing on the cake," Brotherton said.

Wiseman said he'd like to have the first viewing sometime next month, tentatively November 15th.

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