Shooting Victim's Celebrate Her Birthday


Decatur - It's been seven months since Central and Freedom Cunningham's murder near Wabash Crossing.

Sunday would have been Central Cunningham's 27th birthday.  To celebrate, her family gathered at the site of the couple's deaths.
From there, family members went to Central's grave site to celebrate her birthday.
Family members tell WAND New's the couple's deaths highlight the need for violence to stop in Decatur.

Mildred Mosley, Central Cunningham's mother, said,"Stop the violence because for one, you're hurting not only yourself, but you're hurting both sides of the families.  We lost my daughter, and the people that's locked up, their family's going to lose them also."

"I just say just try to cut out the violence, it's not worth it.  Life's too short for that," Cunningham's sister, Mia Landrum, told WAND News.

Police have a suspect in the shooting, Demarta Cunningham, who is currently behind bars awaiting trial.  Police said they believe he is responsible for the murder of Freedom and Central Cunningham.

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