Dozens of tires slashed in Decatur


DECATUR -- Dozens of tires were slashed in Decatur over the weekend, and it's costing some folks thousands of dollars.

Police say most of the vandalism happened along Oakland Ave. and Pershing Rd.

Multiple businesses and parking lots were hit overnight Saturday.

Some of those businesses included the Plaza TV and O'Reilly Auto Parts on Oakland, and Perkins Restaurant on Pershing.

Nine cars' tires were slashed in the Crown Toyota car lot on Pershing.  Co-owner Darcy Grinestaff told WAND that replacing the tires alone will cost $3,000.

"And that's really just the cost of the tires," said Grinestaff. "We got all the labor [costs] of taking the tires off and putting the new ones on.  With all that in mind, you're looking at four to five thousand dollars."

Police say they don't have a final number on how many tires were slashed, but they believe the same person or people are responsible.

They say they are checking surveillance video at those businesses to help identify the vandals.

Anyone with any information should call Crimestoppers at 423-TIPS.

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