Meningitis outbreak hits Illinois


DECATUR -- The Meningitis outbreak killing 19 people nationwide has hit Illinois.

The state's first case was reported in Chicago over the weekend.
The CDC reports 247 cases of fungal meningitis linked to  a drug pharmacy in Massachusetts.

Three healthcare facilities in the Chicago area received the recalled drug.  That means hundreds of people could be exposed to it.

But Dr. Jignesh Modi, St. Mary's Hospital infectious disease specialist, told WAND the threat is low in Central Illinois.

"Fungal infection is usually fairly uncommon to have in someone that's healthy otherwise," said Modi.

This fungal meningitis isn't contagious, and it's not the same as viral meningitis, Modi said.

Viral meningitis is contagious.  That's the type of meningitis commonly linked to college campuses this time of year.

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