Decatur Humane Society Looking for Change in Neutering Laws


Decatur - Animal shelter groups throughout Decatur are urging pet owners to get their animals spayed or neutered.
Leaders from the Humane Society and Macon County Animal Control told a community gathering at the Decatur Public Library on Sunday that spaying and neutering will not only help prevent unwanted kittens and puppies, it will help save animals lives at shelters.

"Spaying and neutering will help reduce the numbers of animals in local shelters, which right now is about 500.  And also it prevents euthanasia," president Irene Peterson told WAND News.

"Obviously, if the animals can't reproduce, they can't contribute to the over-population," chief warden Roy Austin.
To help owners get their animals fixed, the humane society offers discounts on neutering and spaying operations.

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