City of Decatur: Down Grading Water Restrictions


DECATUR — Effective today, the City of Decatur is downgrading Stage 2 mandatory water restrictions to Stage 1 mandatory water restrictions.                                


The restrictions are being downgraded due to ample rainfall this month that has significantly increased the flow from the Sangamon River into Lake Decatur.  The lake, which is the primary source of water for the City of Decatur and the Village of Mt. Zion, is now at a level of 612.01 feet above mean sea level (69% full) and rising steadily at a rate of 1.7 inches daily.  It is anticipated that the lake will continue to rise to a level of 613.0 (81% full) in approximately 7 days.  At that time the City may be able to lift Stage 1 mandatory restrictions.


The City wishes to thank all water customers for their continuing efforts to voluntarily and mandatory conserve water.


City Manager Ryan McCrady emphasized that the downgrading of mandatory restrictions should by no means be seen as lessening the importance of finding a solution to the city's long-term water issues, which the City continues to work diligently on with water resource consultants and government agencies.


Stage 1 Water Restrictions for all sources of water originating from Lake Decatur and the City of Decatur public water supply are:


1. The withdrawal of water from Lake Decatur is prohibited except for use by the City of Decatur and Archer Daniels Midland water treatment facilities.


2. The use of water to maintain lawns, golf courses, athletic fields and all other vegetation is allowed only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of each week.   Each day is defined as the 24 hour period beginning at 12:00 AM.


a.     Athletic fields may use water on 3 alternative days per 7 day period only upon the submittal of a written water use plan to the Director of Water Management and receiving written approval in advance for the plan from the Director.

       b.      This regulation does not apply to water used to maintain grass and                     landscape plants installed within 6 months prior to the implementation of              these regulations.

       c.      This regulation does not apply for water used to maintain vegetation                   inventories at commercial gardening, landscaping and plant nursery                      facilities.


  1. The operation of the Central Park fountain is prohibited.


  1. Washing or cleaning of streets, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and all other paved-surfaces is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Decatur Water Services Division for the maintenance of public health and safety. Construction sites, commercial and municipal street, sidewalk and parking lot cleaning operations, and commercial power washing operations are exempt from this regulation.


  1. The initial filling of outdoor swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs and ponds is prohibited. Topping off existing outdoor swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs and ponds is allowed.


  1. Exterior washing of any motorized vehicle is prohibited except at commercial vehicle washing facilities, commercial vehicle detailing facilities and vehicle sales facilities.


  1. The service of water at restaurants is prohibited unless requested by the customer.


  1. Testing of public or private fire hydrants and water mains is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Decatur Water Services Division.


  1. Fire hydrant meter rentals are prohibited except for use on construction projects.


10.  The cost for water purchased at the Decatur Bulk Water Station will be 150% of the regular cost.


11.  Detectable water leaks must be repaired within 72 hours of discovery. If the leak is not repaired in this time frame then the leaking water service may be shut off by the Decatur Water Services Division.


For additional information contact Keith Alexander, Director of Water Management, at 424-2863 or Randy Miller, Water Services Manager, at 875-5704.

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