Decatur Police Want Help Solving 2008 Murder


DECATUR- Police have followed hundreds of leads and spent an enormous amount of time trying to find out who killed 23 year old Robert Johnson, but that murder remains unsolved.

On May 12th 2008, Johnson's roommate found him shot to death in his Decatur home in the six hundred block of South Sycamore.  

Kelly Dunn is a close family friend and calls Johnson her nephew.  She says with the birth of his son Johnson was trying to turn his life around.  But she says he had a difficult past and Johnson had gotten into trouble with speeding tickets and may have been involved in drugs.

Dunn says at one point, Johnson told her he feared for his life.

"He had told us that he was in trouble and he said somebody's going to kill me and he didn't say who and he didn't say why," Dunn said.  "He just had a feeling he was in trouble or he had done something and was going to be in trouble."

Though police don't know if Johnson's fear is directly connected to his death, both Dunn and police think Johnson's killer knew him. 

Police are hoping that anyone with information comes forward.   They say the smallest tip could be the key to solving it.  They'd like anyone who knew Johnson, especially those who dealt with him around the time of his murder, to call them or Crime stoppers at 423 tips.

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