City of Decatur Now in Stage One Water Restrictions


Decatur - After months of being on strict water restrictions, the city of Decatur is finally seeing some relief.

As of noon on Thursday, the city downgraded a Stage 2 water restriction to a Stage 1 water restriction.  That will mean people will have more, but still limited, usage of water.
That's good news for businesses like Billingsley BP, who will now be able to use city water for their car wash, all the while saving thousands of dollars by not hauling water from an outside source.

The city's manager said with water flowing at a good pace from the Sangamon River, there's a chance that even the Stage 1 restriction could be raised in the near future.

"It's going to be important to abide by the level one restrictions.  We have been measuring the flow of water coming into the lake from the Sangamon river, and we do anticipate any time in the next seven to ten days we may gain another foot of elevation of water in the lake, and that may allow us to lift all restrictions.  But for at least the next week, we still need you to abide by stage one," city manager Ryan McCrady told WAND News.

To help with this sort of situation next year, city council recently okayed a plan to build emergency relief wells.

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