Sheriff's Deputies Keeping Eye on Sex Offenders This Halloween


Decatur - Halloween is just a few days away and that means it's almost time to trick or treat once again, but police want to make sure your kids are knocking on the right doors.

It's been almost a decade since WAND aired a story on registered sex offenders leaving their lights on for trick or treating.
That is now illegal, and police are doing their part and making sure those offenders are following the law.

With Halloween coming up, deputies are going door to door to make sure registered offenders are being compliant with the law.
It prohibits them from having their lights on during designated trick or treat hours, as well as passing candy out to any children who come to their doors.
State Representative Bill Mitchell helped draft that law, and he told WAND News that law helps keep criminals in check, and keeps kids safe from danger.

"Sex offenders had the light on, people, parents didn't know and the kid walked up.  It was a very dangerous situation, so the law was passed saying , it was kind of no brainer so to speak, that no they can not  participate in trick or treating or any holiday functions," said Mitchell.

That law also includes prohibits registered offenders from dressing up like Santa at Christmas time, as well as the Easter bunny at Easter time.

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