Logan County EMA Working on County-wide Emergency Disaster Plan


Lincoln - Following the devastation in the northeast, the Logan County Emergency Management agency is revisiting its emergency plans.

On Thursday, the EMA and county wide agencies met and discussed what people can do in case of natural disasters in the area.
Disasters such as extreme drought, floods, tornadoes, blizzards, and earthquakes are all disasters that can impact people in Logan County.
Logan County's EMA director said it's  important to be prepared for any kind of natural disaster.

"Let's take last year.  We had one snow, a dusting.  So people didn't have to worry about driving in snow, and the hazards, and the blizzards.  So what's going to happen this year is if we do get the ice and snow, people are going to be driving faster and they're not going to be used to the black ice, and they're going to have to watch that," director Dan Filcher told WAND News.

Filcher also said the first thing to do when preparing for any kind of disaster is to make sure you have a NOAA weather radio handy.

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