Oakley Dirt Riders Raise Money For Macon County BBBS


Decatur - People took to the dirt track for a good cause on Sunday.

Members of the Oakley Dirt Riders Club helped raise money for the Macon County Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Rider entry fees, as well as toys, were collected to help the organization.
With so many kids needing mentors, the dirt rider's club treasurer said helping the Big Brothers Big Sisters is always a worth while cause.

"These kids could be your next door neighbor, you don't know.  But they all need something, whether it's somebody to hangout with, or somebody to show them a better path, and to know that we're helping that, it's good," John Gepford told WAND News.

Sunday marked the club's 20th year of helping raise money, and over 100 racers helped raise nearly $2000.

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