Minors Causing Problems at Transit Center


DECATUR-Construction at Decatur's Eisenhower means students have to be bussed up north to Steven Decatur.  Now roughly 300 more kids are taking the bus and deputies say it can be hard for them to handle.

Around 3:45 each afternoon, hundreds of students descend upon the transit center. 

There are signs posted with the rules but police say there have been significant problems with swearing, loitering and fighting.

This year they've banned more kids from the center than in the past several years combined.

The sheriff's department has been putting four deputies at the center to help deal with all the commotion.

Bus drivers say they're tired of kids cursing and fighting on the buses and that they're worried it can be distracting possibly causing an accident.

The school district has been working with law enforcement on this issue.  Principals have come down to the center and know of the problem. 

And there have been changes at the center that are helping.  They've added some additional rides so that kids won't loiter at the station.  And the deputies are making sure the kids get reloaded quickly.

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