Power outage doesn't stop voting


Around 5:25 Tuesday afternoon, the power went out at the Decatur West Side Church of the Nazarene. Voters and judges said, it was not that much of an inconvenience.

Jessie Bates told WAND-TV, "all the judges and all the pollers have been really really excellent. They began to pass the registrations down the line to speed up the process since it is manual, but they have done a really excellent job expediting everything in spite of the lights being out."

Voters were still able to vote using the battery powered touch screens.

As for the paper ballots, those were done manually. Once voters were finished, they dropped their ballots into the polling place bin. Judges have to read and count each ballot. Whereas the ballot scanner machine would have done most of the work.

People had to use flash lights from their cars so they could see. The power outage may delay a final count for Macon County.

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