Electric Aggregation Results


Local Election Results – On the ballot 60 towns and cities here in central Illinois put electric aggregation on the ballot.


Electric aggregation would mean your town will go out and buy electricity for you in bulk. That should result in lower power bills for your home or small business.


Customers will have the option to opt out of the program. Here are the number we have currently.


In Decatur opt out electric aggregation passed with 57 percent of the vote, and 43 percent saying no. In Sangamon County it was a very close vote. The electric aggregation almost passed, but the number of votes for no had seven votes more then the yes. In Champaign County it did pass with 64 percent of the vote with yes and 36 percent with no.

For a full list visit http://support.wandtv.com/election/racelist.htm 

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