J.C.'s Blog: October 2012



Happy Halloween!

Looks like a great night to head out for trick or treating! I can remember how excited I used to get when Halloween would get close. I would try and think of what I wanted to be and my Mom would make my costume for me. In my hometown we had two night of trick or treating! I would map out where I wanted to go and where I thought the best candy was located. As I got older I knew which houses usually handed out the best candy and I wanted to hit those houses first. There was also a tradition in Sullivan called safe trick or treat. You could go around to business in town and they would hand out candy or other neat items. That meant three nights of goodie collecting! Today as an adult I really don't get into Halloween like I used to. I look forward to seeing all the costumes at Boo at the Zoo. My favorite holiday is Christmas so I being my countdown to decorating as soon as Halloween is over! If Ashley would let me our house would rival that of Clark Griswold.

On our first news this evening we showed some picture of us as kids dressed up. Here is one of my costume when I was a little kid. Hope you enjoy!?!?





Holy Sandy,

I have been glued to Sandy coverage over the last couple of days. This was one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the eastern seaboard. The set up was perfect for a storm of this size to strike the east coast. An area of high pressure was located near the Atlantic maritime Provinces of Canada. We also saw a trough in the jet stream helping to bring in cold air across the Appalachian Mountains. A storms system that has just moved through here a few days ago was moving into the east coast. Sandy came up along the gulf stream helping to keep it a strong storm. As the storm moved north it started to near the area of high pressure which turned it west into the east coast. Most storm usually brush up against the eastern seaboard and then turn out in to the Atlantic along the gulf stream or even before that far north. Sandy made landfall yesterday evening near Atlantic City New Jersey packing winds of 75 to 80 mph with some gusts reported on Long Island up to 90 mph. Sandy was downgraded to a post tropical cyclone as it lost its tropical characteristics. Sandy also combined with a system that was moving across the mid-Atlanitc to help enhance the storm. Snow has been flying in West Virginia, Virginia, E. Kentucky, E Tennessee and into Ohio today. Before this storm pulls away up to 3 feet of snow could fall in the mountains of West Virginia. With the tropical moisture streaming north and cold air pushing south this was and is a perfect set up for huge snows. Today, we are feeling the impacts of this strong storm seeing a few high clouds and also with the strong winds. Winds today have been gusting to our north over NW Indiana to 60 mph in Gary. These winds blowing across Lake Michigan have been causing waves to reach 18 to 24 feet on the lake. Our winds here will start to lay once we get past midnight with NW wind tomorrow of 10-15 mph. Here is a link to CNN about Sandy and also shows some images as well.


In other news are you looking forward to Halloween tomorrow? I enjoyed Halloween as a kid but now as an adult its not one of my favorite holidays. I do enjoying seeing the little ones dressed up and seeing how costume characters change throughout the years. Ashley and I volunteered at Boo at the Zoo this year. There were a couple of costumes this year we both had to ask who they were. We also saw the standard costumes as well. Here is a link to Ashley's blog talking about our time at Boo at the Zoo.




Hello Cold Air!

Yesterday started out like a late summer afternoon would, sunny and warm. A cold front was draped just out to our west and was on it move into our area. As the front arrived the wind picked up the frontal passage sent the temps into a free fall. Before the night was over we saw temps almost 40 degrees cooler in some spots than the day time high. Here is a list of temperature changes put together by the National Weather Service office out of Lincoln. Its crazy to see how quickly the temps dropped in less than an hour.


--------                       -----------   -----------   -----------

BLOOMINGTON        -7F          -24F          -32F

CHAMPAIGN            -17F          -22F          -29F

DANVILLE              -16F          -20F          -27F

DECATUR               -20F          -25F          -31F

EFFINGHAM           -20F          -23F          -29F

JACKSONVILLE     -20F          -25F          -33F

MATTOON          -20F          -23F          -28F

SPRINGFIELD      -20F          -25F          -30F

TAYLORVILLE      -23F          -24F          -32F

This weekend is going to be a cold one with a Freeze Warning in effect from 3 am to 8 am. Stay warm but if there is a positive to the cold temps it will at least be sunny! Have a great weekend!




Favorite Vacations Spots!

Yesterday I posed the question asking you where your favorite vacation spots are. Here are some of the responses I received.

Our favorite locations have been in Mexico and the Caribbean. In the US we like the SE coast with one of our favorite spots Charleston South Carolina.

James....I just went out to LA this summer It was awesome we traveled all up and down the phc 1 it's an pretty drive!!


Curtisn...We love Clearwater Beach Florida it is like Heaven on earth. White sandy beaches and nice places to stay, we can hook you up with a really nice place, that is clean and just steps from the water very cheap too.


Stacy...We just came home from salt lake city Utah to help find a cure for scleroderma. It was beautiful there!


Brenda...We like Ft. Myers Florida. But were just talking this morning after seeing a commercial about Alaska. So that is somewhere we would like to take a cruise.


James E...Folly Beach, SC. You have historic Charleston, you have the beach, seafood, fishing, sea shelling, etc.


Carol...We love Port Aransas, TX (on Mustang Island). Go there every year for a month. The Gulf, dolphins, and giant ships going through to Corpus Christi. Beautiful!


Michelle...My husband and I went on vacation to Daytona Florida for bike week this was amazing. The weather was so warm and it was beautiful



Rose...Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - absolute paradise - umbrella drinks are pretty good too


Con...Tara Point Inn at Grafton for a quick getaway!


Becca...My mom is from England and I would LOVE to be able to go back


Rachel..Gatlinburg, TN is my favorite vacation spot ever!


Michael...Port Huron,Mi where lake huron forms into the st. clair river. Spent my summers there as a youngster. Took our family there also. This past August I was able to climb the newly renovated Ft. Gratiot light house. The view of the lake, river and of Canada was awesome.


Betty...Isreal by far, to see things that use to be just on a map, and the thought of walking where Christ walked! Breathtaking...


Amy...As a former Marine, Washington D.C. on the 4th of July. There is no place that humbled me more. The fireworks were unbelievable, the ambiance was great, the disaster preparedness was unreal and we tested it when a huge hail storm passed over the year I was there and they evacuated some 3 million people from the national mall in under 10 minutes. There was nothing like seeing the war memorials on the day we celebrate our freedom as a nation. So many vets were there and the stories they were willing to share were worth a listen. I have been to D.C. many times and it is still my favorite city to explore.


Cindy...Bonaire SCUBA. paradise


Vicki..Hard to narrow to one...but I am going to go with Alaska! San Antonio would be second...Gulf Shores next.


Michael..Pacific Northwest absolutely amazing.


Thanks for all your comments! Feels like summer around here over the next couple of days. Makes me thing about summer vacations again.






My wife and I love to travel when ever we can. We have taken numerous trips to Mexico, the Caribbean, and also here in the states. This past week I decided I need a little time off, but what to do with my time? Do we take a trip or just stay home? Ashley couldn't get time off so I decided just to use last week as a little rest and relaxation. Sometimes when you travel you are on the go more then when you are at work and I feel like I need a vacation from vacation. This week just hanging out and doing nothing was just what I need to recharge the batteries. I didn't just sit around all day but the weather was nice enough to get out and chase the little white golf ball around and enjoyed the fall colors. It was also nice to be home every evening with my wife and enjoy dinner and not feel rushed to head back to work. I love doing weather but sometimes it's great to step away and just hit the pause button and relax! What are some of you favorite things to do with your vacation time? Let me know and I will post some comments here on the blog.









Severe Weather Threat Update for tomorrow evening.

Dynamics looking impressive across Iowa and Missouri as the jet streak at 10,000 feet will be producing winds of 60 to 70 knots (70 to 80 mph) which will help to enhance lift across that ...

area. As we move down to 5000 feet or 850 mb level we see the jet streak again very strong with winds from 55 to 60 knots (60 to 68 mph). Moisture will be pumping that area as well helping to aid in the development of thunderstorms. A strong area of low pressure will track across north central Missouri and into Iowa through out the day dragging a cold front with it helping to enhance lift further. The things that we need to watch there will be how much will the impact of morning showers and storms stabilizing the atmosphere impacting afternoon/evening development and surface temperatures. Here in central Illinois I feel the main threat for severe weather will be along and to the west of I-55 Saturday afternoon into evening. Not going to rule out the chance of strong thunderstorms here with winds aloft blowing at 55 to 60 mph some of those winds in the stronger storms could make it to the surface. The main threat here in our area will be with strong winds out of the storms.SPC has the slight risk just brushing up against I-55.Then into Sunday morning threat will shift into SE Illinois with the nose of the jet moving into that region. Sunday morning SPC is hoisting slight risk headlines in our SE counties. Rain totals are all over the place on the models with the GFS and NAM painting the highest amounts across northern Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin. I would expect to see anywhere between .50" to 1.00" with locally heavier amounts. Stay tuned as we go into the weekend.
I am off all next week so I am not sure if I will blog or not but hope you all have a great weekend and see everyone in a week!



Happy Hump Day!!!


We are half way through another work week! Here is a little forecast synopsis for the next couple of days.


High pressure has been the dominating feature today and has brought us cool temps and sunshine. The fair weather cumulus clouds will continue to dissipate as the sun sets this evening along with diminishing winds. Clear sky and with the high pressure ridge axis overhead temps will fall into the mid to upper 30s. Tomorrow we will see our winds shift to the SW as the high slides to our east. Temps will warm into the mid 60s with sunshine to start the day and clouds will build in as another cold front will approach from the NW with a low tracking into the northern lakes. A quick splash of rain is possible for areas along and to the south of I-72 Tomorrow night into Friday morning as the cold front passes. Then a strong area of high pressure build in from the N. plains will provide us with a sunny Friday afternoon before a 500 mb upper low pressure system off the California coast today moves into the southern plains. Football looks to be dry this week! A warm front will move through after midnight Friday night into Saturday morning and could bring a round of showers and storms. Then my attention turns to some dynamics that could lead to some strong storms Saturday evening into Sunday early morning. Watching a jet streak at 300 mb, 500 mb, and 850 mb that could help to enhance lift. GFS and Euro models are starting to agree more on timing of precip. Winds above the surface could be blowing at 60 mph and with some of the storms moving through that would could mix down. The only saving grace could be that the precip might be delayed as the the dynamics are present. As of now SPC has painted areas along IL River to into NW Illinois, SW Wisconsin, Iowa, NW Missouri, and E. Kansas as the area for severe weather. Stay tuned for more on the weekend system as we get closer and see more model agreement.

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Good Evening....Rain chances will increase tonight as a cold front will slide into the area. Look for rain to show up in our western counties around 7 pm and then wrap up in the east by 2 am. Sunshine will once again return tomorrow as an area of Canadian high pressure will build back in enforcing the cool air. Highs will only warm into the low to mid 50s tomorrow. The progressive weather pattern ...

will continue this week. Attention then turns to another low that will move into the northern lakes on Thursday bringing a few clouds in by the afternoon and a few showers Thursday night along and to the south of I-72. Football should be dry as of now as an upper level low spinning off the California coast today will move into the plains this weekend bring back some warmer air ahead of the systems. Highs over the weekend will reach into the low to mid 70s. Problems right now are with timing of showers and thunderstorms and with potential for severe weather Saturday evening. Winds at 5000 feet could be blowing at 60 to 65 mph some could mix down with storms Saturday evening. Stay tuned for more on the weekend as we get closer. Start of next week shows temps staying in the low 70's and I am going to keep it dry for now with maybe a chance for showers returning next Wednesday.






Happy Monday and Columbus Day…

If you had the day I am sure you didn't miss having to get out in the cold air today!

A couple weekend ago Ashley and I headed out to The Great Pumpkin Patch near Arthur for our annual trip. The pumpkin patch is where we had our first date and also we had our engagment pictures taken We have made it a tradition to keep going to the patch every year and have our first date all over again. Here is a link to Ashley's blog to see more pictures and learn more about the patch.




Hope you enjoy!







Happy Monday and Columbus Day…


If you had the day I am sure you didn't miss having to get out in the cold air today!


This weekend I took my annual trip to the National Weather Association weather conference. This year the conference was in Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin weather in October is always interesting but at least the hotel was attached to the convention center. I really enjoying meeting up with some of the other meteorologist from other parts of the country and it gives us a chance to learn a few new tricks and about new technology that is coming out. It also helps to get me excited about weather again. I really love what I do but when you are around other people who enjoy what they do it just helps to keep you excited! It also just so happened that the Illini were in town! The game didn't turn out the way I had hoped but it still was a good trip to Madison to learn about weather and to catch up with some fellow colleges and friends.






Hello October!


We have kicked off the month on the cloudy and cool side. I received a letter in the mail today with some persimmon seeds inside. I have to thanks Dorothy Kimery of Neoga for sending them to me. Inside the seeds there were spoons. The "old story" goes spoons in the seeds means you will be scooping snow. Only time will tell as winter approaches. Above this post I you can watch a video from an earlier show today that I talk about the seeds and you can see them. Also, the other story is about the wily worms that come out this time of year. If the worms are dark then it means a harsh winter. I have been seeing some dark ones and some of you have been commenting on facebook about how dark they are this year. Just a little food for thought tonight.








Drought continues but eases!


Improvement statewide in the drought but it still persists. All of the stormcenter 17 counties remain in moderate drought with the exception of Iroquois and Fayette counties. The driest part of the state is from Rockford to the west along US-20.


Rain along I-70 today will help to ease the drought there over the next couple days. Stay tuned for more updates.








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