Decatur neighborhood seeing more burglaries


DECATUR -- Some juveniles are causing trouble in one Decatur neighborhood.

Recent break-ins on some quiet streets in Lincoln Park now have neighbors on high alert.

Several burglary victims told WAND some of the break-ins are happening in broad daylight.

Over the weekend police caught two juveniles trying to break into a house on Lincoln Place.

Julia Neal lives around the corner on Siegel Street.  After seeing WAND's story about the attempted break-in, she called us saying something similar happened to her.

Neal said she left her house last Wednesday around 8 a.m. to run errands.  She said she was only gone about an hour and a half.  When she returned she discovered her house was burglarized..
Items were stolen, the window was broken, screens were slashed and the house was left in a mess, said Neal.

She's lived there since 1978, and for the first time said her sense of security was lost.

"You feel violated," said Neal.  "And it's just material stuff, and material things can be replaced. But just the idea that somebody that you don't know has been inside your house... in your stuff...throwing' it around... You feel violated."

Neal said police later found her stolen items in a juvenile's car.

Other neighbors said they're keeping an eye out for one another, hoping another break-in does not occur.

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