Cisco World War II Vet to Take Honor Flight Saturday


Mt. Zion - World War II was one of the deadliest wars in our country's history, but it was also a time when young men became heroes.

Leon Clifton, of Cisco, was just twenty-three years old when he served in the Navy in Okinawa.

Now ninety years old, and living at Heritage Health in Mt. Zion, Clifton will be just one of many vets flying out to Washington DC aboard the Honor Flight.

He told WAND News about his time as a first class petty officer with the Navy SEALS.

"You had to know how to swim for 15 miles under water most of the time and it was just something I could do.  I did what I could when it was about over with, I was kind of glad to get it over with really," said Clifton.

Clifton said once the war was over he kept in touch with members of his unit, and if they were still here to celebrate Veterans Day this weekend, he knows just what they would do.

"One guy, a guy from Brooklyn, he was in the same job I was.  He came to visit me a couple times when I went civilian and I went to visit him in California.  We'd probably go get a beer and see where the girls were at," said Clifton.

Clifton and other vets will leave Decatur at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

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