Jacksonville Homeless Residents Build "Cardboard City" Saturday


Jacksonville - Homelessness isn't just something you'll find in big cities. 

It happens everywhere.
Saturday kicked off National Hunger and Homeless Awareness week.
Residents of a Jacksonville homeless shelter built a makeshift cardboard city that they slept in overnight into Sunday morning.
For the people involved, they told WAND News that they want people to know the realities of homelessness.

"We're just regular people and we're just trying to get our lives back on track and trying to live the best way we know how," said homeless shelter resident Dallas Ashmet.

"The message that I would like for them to take away with them is how blessed that we are that we have houses and that the comfort of our own homes," said director Vanessa Tyus.

Judges also voted on the most creative looking cardboard home.

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