Veterans Honored at Camp Butler National Cemetery


Riverton - On Sunday, veterans, along with their families, from all over Illinois gathered at Riverton's Camp Butler National Cemetery.
For many it was a way to pay tribute, for others it was a way to say thanks.

Veterans from World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War all gathered to pay tribute.  Veterans from throughout our country's history were on hand to help celebrate veterans day this year.

For some it was a chance to remember those who didn't make it home, and for others, it was a chance to say thanks for a job well done.

"Thank you.  You see, for them to serve, and do what they're doing right now, it helps me to recover as a Vietnam veteran and does me good to see them come back," Vietnam veteran Randolph Boschulte told WAND News.

Sunday's special Veterans Day ceremony was concluded with a gun salute to honor those who died serving.

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