Beware Fake Comcast E-mails


DECATUR- There's a new e-mail scam where people posing as customer service from legitimate companies, all to get your personal information.

Many of us have our bills linked up to an e-mail account.  But now some scammers are trying to take advantage of that to get your credit card number.

John Felter reached out to us because he had received an email that looked like it was coming from Comcast.  It had a Comcast e-mail address and mentioned his personal account.  The e-mail said one of his payments had been declined and that he needed to update his credit card immediately.

But he says a red flag went up because he doesn't pay his Comcast bill with a credit card.

 He says he's heard other people have gotten the same e-mail.

"It almost makes you sick to your stomach because you're afraid of what can I do and how am I gonna get it fixed because the average person has to go through a lot of hoops to get it taken

If he had handed out his information especially if he had given a debit card number, it could have cost him. 

A Comcast spokesperson says they will never solicit  your personal information via e-mail. 

Comcast is not the only company these scammers impersonate. Visa and PayPal are some of the other common ones.

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