Park District Land Swap Vote Tonight


DECATUR –- The future of a possible Decatur park land swap will be discussed Tuesday night.

Under the proposal ADM would acquire Spencer Park and Brush College II. In exchange, the park district would get nearly 20 acres of land near I-72 and US-51.

Park district executive director Bill Clevenger told WAND that land is the future site of extended bike trails.

ADM is also paying the park district for the equipment at Spencer Park. That money would fund the development of other new "pocket parks" to replace the exchanged ones, Clevenger said, calling the swap a "win-win situation."

"It's good for Decatur industry, it's good for ADM and it's good for the parks because now we can develop new parks and redevelop parks in that area," said Clevenger.

Smaller parks are planned near Robertson Charter School, Decatur Memorial Hospital and Parkway Church of the Nazarene.

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