Decatur Implements EMD Program


About this time last year, the City of Decatur had a plan to implement a new emergency medical dispatch system. With it in place, our system has now caught up with others. Don't be alarmed if you make an emergency call and expect a fire fighter to come to your aid and all you may need is an EMT.

The dispatchers are setting aside the flip cards so the new EMD system can take its place.

Decatur Fire Chief Matt Sekosky said, "it's a program the dispatchers will follow when someone calls with a medical emergency. From the program the dispatchers will determine what resources we'll need to be responding to for that emergency."

That way fire fighters, an EMT and the police do not need to go to most of the calls.

"The dispatchers are going to spend a little more time with you then they have in the past to gather more information. This will not delay the response," Chief Sekosky added. "We are probably one of the last regions to implement it. . . EMD has been around for quit a while, for us, it was a funding thing."

Chief Sekosky told WAND, the program cost around $44,000 and that is one of the main reasons it has taken more than a year to be implemented.

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