Decatur Woman Dies Following Car Crash Wednesday


Decatur - An 86 year-old Decatur woman who was driving a truck that crashed into the back of a bus died.

A neighbor's security camera caught the whole thing as it happened.
"It sounded like a hood of a car being slammed, you know?  Not necessarily easy down, but like it was slammed real hard and let go of it.  I thought somebody was messing with my daughter's car, so I opened up the front door, and of course I saw the bus and the truck."

The crash happened near the intersection of Silas Street and Lake Shore Drive just after 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.
Neighbors near the scene told WAND News they are shaken up.

"You start thinking and hoping that every one is okay."

They said this stretch of Lake Shore sees too many car crashes.

One neighbor said,"once a month, easy.  Usually about 5 o'clock in the evening, or it will be the first thing in the morning when traffic's heavy."

"You know, living on a bad street the people seem to come flying on and stuff.  They're right on top of the next vehicle that's slowed down," said another neighbor.

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