Hunters Head to the Trees Friday for First Firearm Deer Season


Decatur - Friday hunters will head to the trees for the first firearm deer season in Illinois, giving hunters a chance to get a trophy a buck.

According to one DNR Conservation Police officer, with great reward, comes great risk

"Every year there's always the inherent danger of people not knowing their sight picture and what's beyond when firearm deer hunting," said lieutenant Curt Lewis.

According to the International Hunter Education Association, nearly 1000 people are accidentally shot by hunters every year in the US and Canada.

Every year hunters spend millions of dollars on camouflage jackets to stay concealed from deer, but what hunters might realize is that something as simple as a blaze orange hat could save their life.

Lieutenant Lewis told WAND News that,"they'll take shots at sound instead of actually visually confirming what the target is.  It's a well known fact that the deer are not going to see you wearing blaze orange versus camouflage.  That's the reason we have the firearm and require the 400 square inches of outer garment as well as a blaze orange hat."

It's not just an orange hat, or jacket, that could save your life.

Gander Mountain hunting specialist Jacob Miller says knowing how to properly handle your gun will make you safer too.

"Make sure it's unloaded on your way out there, you know, just in case.  You can fall, you can trip, there's all kinds of obstacles out there," said Miller.

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