Fans Flock to "Lincoln" Movie in Lincoln


Lincoln - With so many blockbuster movies at the theaters this weekend, like Twilight, people will have plenty of chances to catch a good flick, but in Illinois, the only one that really matters is the story of Abe Lincoln.

Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, and Daniel Day Lewis as our 16th president, and it's a movie that has generated lots of Oscar buzz.

Margaret Peifer was just one of hundreds who saw the highly anticipated movie that portrays Lincoln's struggles to pass the 13th Amendment, and bringing and end to the Civil War.

"It's such a painful, painful part of our history, you know?  He went through such agony and there were so many people killed and it was a horrible part, but he was a great leader," Peifer told WAND News.

History buffs will remember that it was Abraham Lincoln in 1863 that made Thanksgiving a nationally recognized holiday.

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