Business Outlook for Niche Stores


Many niche businesses struggle on black Friday. That may be because the nationwide shopping day isn't really marketed for them. That's why small businesses have their own day.

Kari Bartosik, the owner of Petals said, "this year I'm going to focus on the small business Saturday. I think that with all the things that are happening downtown; the construction [and] the cash mobs that have been hitting downtown."

Downtown Decatur shoppers have been buying from Nate Allen, Kari Bartosik and Jo Kistenfenger for years.

Just like Walmart or Best Buy, these small business owners said they know a good sale is what they need with a smart way to market it.

Jo Kistenfenger, the owner of It's a Girl Thing said, "we have some specials that we won't announce until Friday um just like the big box stores and that will be on Facebook."

Last year, people were waiting for It's a Girl Thing to open. This year, Kistenfenger hopes for the same.

"I was just pleased that so many people were standing at our door instead of a big box store," replied Kistenfenger.

However, if you are looking for a stocking stuffer, you may want to try Goodfellas.

"When the wives or the girlfriends or the fiancés are looking for the last minute thing really this is it," said Nate Allen, the owner of Goodfellas.

Unfortunately, Allen said shopping downtown can have it's disadvantages.

"You know weather permitting, if it's nice out, you're going to have more people coming downtown," Allen said.

It's a Girl Thing will open at 8:00 a.m. Saturday and Petals will open at 9:00 a.m.

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