Champaign Man Arrested After Police-Involved Shooting


CHAMPAIGN - Michael Glover, 45, has been arrested for a home invasion that led an officer to fire his gun.

Around 4:15 on Tuesday, police responded to reports that a male suspect, later identified as Glover, was breaking into the home of a second-story window, attempting to pull a female from the window.

Police say when they arrived on scene, two males were breaking car windows. They then entered a vehicle and witnesses say they aggressively reversed toward an officer.

Police say an officer then fired his weapon at one of the tires but the men flew. They were later found on foot around 4:40 in the 800 block of Church Street.

Glover was arrested for Home Invasion while the other man was released without charges.

No one was injured as the result of the gun fire. Glover was transported to Carle for minor injuries sustained during the attack.


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