Local Municipalities Seeing Big Money from Video Gambling


Taylorville - In Taylorville Video gambling has helped create some much needed revenue.

"We got our first check just last week, and I think it probably covered about a two week period, so it was an extra $1600 for the city," mayor Greg Brotherton told WAND News.

That's just for two businesses with machines in town, and one of those businesses is Bailey's Pub.

Owner Chris Biondolino said by having gaming machines at his business, the amount of people, and the type of people, has seen a major change.

"It's not so much an increase, it's change.  It's changing how I do business.  People have been waiting awhile, to get these games.  I mean they've been waiting since June or July," said Biondolino.

Now that the wait is over, people have been placing plenty of bets.

In Decatur, five gaming machines at Starship Billiards brought in $2000.  In Jacksonville, nearly $2100 was brought in, and in Mattoon, video gaming machines brought in nearly $3700.

For local businesses like the West Side Bar in Taylorville, video gaming machines will not only mean more money for the city, but for the business owner as well.

Owner Rodger Ryan said,"well, financially it's great.  You know, you got a lot more money coming through the people putting money into the machines."

According to Mayor Brotherton with more businesses to start offering video gaming soon, that could mean even more money.
"Before long we're going to have an extra somewhere between 30 and 60-thousand dollars a year it looks like in revenue from these games," said Brotherton.

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