Give the Gift of Life this Holiday Season


Decatur - There are only thirty shopping days left till Christmas, Which means you have time to find that perfect gift.
Many folks spent hours in lines Friday at local stores hoping for a good Black Friday deal.
The Macon County Animal Control and Care Center wants you to think about adopting a pet this holiday season, but if you're not wanting to adopt, the foundation's vice president told WAND News that you can help foster a pet for the holiday season.

"If you know somebody who's looking we have the home for the holidays program.  It's a foster program.  So a person can enjoy having a pet in their home over the holidays.  And then if it doesn't work or they don't want a long term commitment they bring it back to the shelter as a foster plan," said Michelle Huttes.

In addition to giving the animals a break from the shelter, Huttes said fostering a pet will help the animal gain social skills making them more likely to be adopted.

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