Illinois House to Vote Soon on Medical Pot


SPRINGFIELD-Soon to be discussed at the capitol: medical marijuana.  It's legal in 18 states and Washington DC, and certain patients could soon be lighting up in Illinois.

It's called House Bill 30 and it creates a 3 year pilot program that would allow people with serious medical conditions to smoke pot.

Representative Lou Lang is the sponsor of the bill. He says the program would be among the most highly regulated in the country.

"You have to have a doctor involved," Lang says.  "You have to have a permit.  You can only buy a little bit at a time.  They keep a database so they know how much you have so you can't stockpile it. You can't drive or operate heavy machinery either."

Not everyone agrees with de-criminalizing medical marijuana.  Some worry that it could get into the wrong hands, or adversely impact patients.

In order to move on, the bill needs 60 votes in the house.  Representative Lang says that vote could come as soon as Wednesday.

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