Another Attempt to Raise Minimum Wage


SPRINGFIELD -- at $8.25 Illinois has the third highest minimum wage in the nation. For years, lawmakers have attempted to raise it, but opponents say that would kill any revival small businesses desperately need.

Adeline Bracey is part of a group called Action Now. They rallied at the capitol Wednesday in support of Senate Bill 1565. She knows what it's like to raise a family on minimum wage.

"It's really hard, and I was a foster mother, I had a foster son, it's really not enough," said Bracey.

SB 1565 would increase the minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.65 and would go up from there, adjusting to inflation.

Downstate leaders like Rep. Adam Brown (R - Decatur), feel the increase is unnecessary.

"I think it's the wrong decision, I take a look at small businesses in my district and they're struggling to scrape by. To have another burden on small businesses would break their backs," said Brown.

Rob Karr represents the Illinois Manufacturers Association, he agrees that this is not the time to impose more costs on local businesses.

"It's just not going to be productive. It will not make their job easier, it will result in more layoffs for people who are trying to make ends meet now," said Karr.

Furthermore, Karr believes the increase would only make things harder for businesses struggling to stay in Illinois, like those on the borders.

"The cigarette tax has shifted their sales, higher gas prices and taxes in the state have shifted their sales, and now, if they increase their wage cost will push them over the edge," said Karr.


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