MacArthur Park Reaches Agreement with City



SPRINGFIELD -- The owner of the MacArthur Park Apartments, James Green of Granite Investment Co., will likely pay more than $80,000 dollars to the city.

That estimate includes permits, fees, and fines for code violations over the last 20 months. The agreement reached Wednesday also requires Green to fix all code violations by March 1st, 2013. Willis Logan, Executive Assistant to Mayor Houston, says the document also includes a provision that allows the city to keep a close eye on the property.

"We can come in at any time and inspect any building or buildings that the city deems appropriate. We want to make sure that the development does not fall back on hard times after the deadline," said Logan.

Green's attorney Don Craven says his client has every intention of complying with the agreement.

"They've been going well beyond just remedying those allegations, and in some units, took them down to the floorboards and started over," said Craven.

If all 48 buildings in the complex aren't up to code by March 1st, the city will fine Green $4,000 per building.


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