Downtown Diagonal Parking Concerning Decatur Drivers


Decatur - Main Street is one of the busiest streets in Decatur, but now people are afraid it may be one of the most dangerous.

Diagonal parking spots have people worried that there will be more crashes on Main Street.

The city said the diagonal parking spots are actually a good thing for downtown.

"You can get twice as many parking spaces out of a stretch of curb.  Many drivers find it a whole lot easier to pull into and get out of a diagonal parking space than a parallel parking space," said public works director Rick Marley.

People in Decatur told WAND News they don't agree.

"I've got an eight year-old son, I'm not going to parking on that road," said Travis Lickey.
Clarence Davis said,"a lot of people are very courteous and understanding, but there's always a few in the crowd that aren't so understanding."

"We parked at the bank because we don't actually trust parking right here.  Plus, we're in an SUV, which is I guess not legal," said Christopher Wright.

That's because SUV's, vans, and trucks aren't allowed to park on the diagonal parking spots on Main Street because the city said they cause visibility problems for people in cars backing out.

Marley said,"there's a lot of free parking in downtown Decatur.  Main Street has some restrictions on that side of the street on the east side in the angled parking spaces, but not on the west.  All of Prairie Street, all of Water Street."


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