Lake Springfield Critically Low


SPRINGFIELD -- City Water Light and Power reports Lake Springfield is just shy of two feet below average, the lowest it's been all year. Capitol city residents are still under stage three water restrictions, some surcharges take effect in stage four. 

Ted Mekes, CWLP's new Water Division Manager, says the utility is urging people to conserve water any way they can, even during the winter months.

"This is the time of year when average lake levels are normally low. We do have the winter and spring rains which we count on to fill the lake, and were hoping that continues," said Mekes.

CWLP wants to avoid resorting to an emergency water supply plan next summer. In the worst case scenario, the utility would damn the Sangamon river to allow more water to be pumped into the lake from the South Fork Pumping Station.

For tips to conserve water year-round, follow this link:


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