State Troopers Death Raises Safe Driver Awareness Locally


Macon - Officers said the tragic death of state trooper Kyle Deatherage is a frightening reminder of how dangerous their job can be at any given moment.

While Illinois Route 51 may not see the amount of traffic an interstate sees, it does still have its dangers.  The speed limit may be 55, but that doesn't mean all drivers follow it.

Whenever a driver, or an officer is pulled over onto the shoulder, police told WAND News that that can sometimes create a dangerous situation.

Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider said,"the law says emergency equipment, the IDOT vehicles that are pulled off the side of the roadway with their lights going, that's still an emergency vehicle too."
"A few times I've had to step out of the way and get between myself and the ditch just to get out of the way of the road," said Moweaqua police chief Rob Maynard.

Officers said it's not just drivers, or police, on the side of the road that are in danger if you don't get over, but that drivers in the cars that don't get over could be hurt as well.

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