City Fixing Old, Leaky Pipes


DECATUR-Lake Decatur is 83 percent full right now. But flow in the Sangamon River is still low so restrictions could be in place for awhile.  Meantime, the city's continuing to work on short and long term supplemental water alternatives.

We've heard about dredging, constructing a new emergency pipeline and digging emergency wells. All measures to help the lake levels.

But Monday night, council heard about something else: patching up leaks in water mains, valves and hydrants.

The city says for each dollar they spent to find and fix the leaks, they gained almost six back.  So they say repairing the more than half-century-old a good investment.  

This year, by patching leaks they saved hundreds of thousands of gallons a day from being wasted. Overall, nearly two percent of the water pumped from the lake each day.

The effort will continue next summer.

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