Catalytic converters stolen in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD -- Thieves are after expensive metal pieces underneath cars and selling them for scrap.

Nearly 30 catalytic converters were stolen in Springfield over the weekend. Eighteen were taken from trucks at U-Haul on Bruns Ln. and 11 were stolen from the U-Haul on Stevenson.

Criminals saw them off vehicles, then typically sell them for up to $120 in scrap metal.

Springfield Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher told WAND it is much more expensive to replace one.

"It costs thousands of dollars to fix the damage that these people are getting for a little bit of money for scrap metal," said Buscher. "It's gonna cost these businesses a lot more to replace all those catalytic converters, between buying them, installing them and not being able to rent their trucks while they're being worked on."

Buscher said drivers shouldn't worry much when parking in driveways at home. But if using large parking lots, cops advise being in a well-lit area.

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