Police Standoff Ends in Arrest


DECATUR--a standoff in the 2400 block of East Main Street ends in an arrest.  Police say the man is a suspect in the deadly shooting last night.  That shooting in Galloway Park cost a 21- year-old father his life.

The SWAT team spent three and a half hours trying to coax the suspect, whose name they're not releasing, out of the home and managed to do so with no one getting hurt.

Decatur Police Chief Todd Walker says they believe the suspect is 16 years old, which is why they're not releasing his name. 

They had an arrest warrant for him and a search warrant for the home.  They suspect the 16 year old in the the death of 21-year-old Jarvas Thomas. 

"I can't give you specific motives," Walker said.  "I'll tell you it's drug related, but other than that, we wont go into specifics."

There's another suspect police say they've questioned.

"We believe we have all principal parties located," Walker said. 

And though the standoff may have had people in the neighborhood on high alert, Walker says it's the best outcome. 

"Suspect surrendered peacefully," Walker said.  "He was not injured.  No area residents were injured and most importantly to me, no officers were injured."

Walker said formal charges are likely to come Wednesday.

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