Decatur Murder has Neighbors Worried


Decatur - A quiet neighborhood has been shaken by the shooting death of 22 year-old Jarvas Thomas.

Thomas' body was found at Galloway Park inside a white car with gunshot wounds Monday Night.

On Tuesday,just blocks from where Thomas was found, one suspect was holed up in a house for hours with police outside, urging him to come out.

One neighbor told WAND News that Tuesday's stand-off was a shock.

"I mean I've lived here for almost 10 years and this has never happened in this neighborhood since I lived here."

Other neighbors said the murder and stand-off has made them think about leaving the neighborhood.

"I want to move.  Just because of all that.  I've never been around that and I've never had to deal with all that before, and now all of a sudden, this came out and it's got me and my daughter both scared."

Despite a recent streak of violent crimes in the city, Decatur police chief Todd Walker told WAND News that people should not be afraid to leave their homes.

"Most of the victims that we have not been a stranger type relationship.  The assailants and the victims have known each other and have generally been acquaintances or had some type of dealings with each other," said Walker.

But because of this murder, a neighborhood is left in fear, and a city is left in shock.

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