Newly elected DeWitt Co. Board member arrested


CLINTON, Ill. (AP) -- A newly elected DeWitt County Board member says he's surprised he landed in jail after what he described as a routine "get acquainted" meeting with a fellow official.


DeWitt County sheriff's deputies arrested 55-year-old Terry Hoffman of Maroa on Wednesday.


Hoffman was jailed overnight on felony aggravated battery charges related to a meeting with Teresa Barnett, the DeWitt County/Clinton Emergency Management Agency director.


Hoffman says no harsh words were exchanged during their discussion. He says he at one point did poke her upper arm while making a point. He says he intended that to be "a conciliatory gesture."


Barnett and DeWitt County Board Chairwoman Sherrie Brown declined to comment on the case.


Hoffman is due in court on Jan. 16.

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