Update: Deadly Decatur Shooting


Update- New development out of Decatur, where a man was shot this weekend.

Early Sunday morning after midnight, a family's life was disrupted by a physical assault right outside of their home off Manor Drive in Decatur.

Lt. Cody Moore said, "the male suspect had dragged her to the ground battered her and chocked her."

When the woman ran for help to a nearby house, little did she know, police said, she was asking an Illinois State Conservation Officer to save her.

"The victim of the incident was begging the home owner not to leave her alone with the suspect. The home owner allowed the female victim refuge inside his residence and secured the door," Lt. Moore added.

That suspect was Matthew Hollgarth, 21.

Police said, the entire 911 call was recorded.

"The male suspect was yelling threats to the home owner and acting extremely aggressive," Lt. Moore said.

After forcing his way in, the off-duty conservation officer shot Hollgarth once, killing him. Now police are calling it self defense.

Hollgarth's family said, their name has been brought up in the past for crimes, but this behavior was not typical of Hollgarth.

Hollgarth's cousin told WAND, "clear it up because he's not that type of guy. He wasn't like us. Yea we made our mistakes and we made the younger ones look bad because they're suffering for our mistakes, but he's not the one that should have been suffering for our mistakes."

Police said, no one will be charged in Matthew Hollgarth's death.

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