Ill. lawmakers: Don't let shooting engulf gun talk


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Illinois lawmakers say it's inevitable that Friday's school shooting in Connecticut will have an impact on the concealed-carry gun law they must write. But several caution against allowing the tragedy to consume the debate.


The massacre that left 28 dead came just days after a federal appeals court ordered Illinois to lift its ban on residents carrying concealed weapons.


Rep. Brandon Phelps sponsored a narrowly defeated concealed-carry bill last year. The Harrisburg Democrat says the Connecticut tragedy shows no law can keep all guns away from evil-doers. He says a sensible conceal-and-carry law is the state's best option.


Naperville Republican Rep. Darlene Senger says the disaster will be part of the concealed-carry talks but it is important legislators don't overreach with legislation that tries to cover every possible scenario.

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