Local schools taking close look at security procedures


MACON -- Many parents said they never had to worry about their child's safety at school. But in light of the Connecticut shooting, many are asking if their children are truly safe in school.

Sandy Hook Elementary did have security measures in place. The shooter shot through the window, and that's how he got in. But all of this now has local schools taking a close look at how their kids stay safe.

WAND checked in with Meridian Primary School in Macon. It's a small school of 230 kids, but they, too, have school safety procedures in place.

Principal Lori Guebert said doors always stay locked, and the school uses a buzzer system. No one can enter the school without pressing the buzzer first.

A camera is attached to the buzzer, said Guebert, allowing the front desk to see who's there before anyone is allowed inside.

If the front desk does not recognize the person, the attendant will ask who it is and the reason for visiting.

Once inside the building, Guerbert said every guest must check in at the front office first.

"We as professionals are responsible for these kids," said Guebert. "Parents send them to school knowing this should be a safe place, and we want to make sure we maintain that."

Guebert added the school is not planning to alter current procedures.

"Right now this seems to be safe and what works," she said.

Students and teachers also practice drills for emergency situations, where they actually work with police and lock down the school.

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