Smart phone Apps Help Trace Lost, Stolen Phones


DECATUR- There's an app for everything nowadays. But some of the most useful can help you track down your phone when you lose it and it's even helping local law enforcement catch smart phone thieves.

And it's exactly the type of app that helped Macon County Sheriff's Deputies track down and recover one man's phone.

 "It was probably 20 minutes after the guy noticed the phone was missing," said Lt. Jamie Belcher.

Using the app's GPS they tracked the phone to a home in Niantic.

Then they made the phone's owner remotely activate the "Scream" mode.  The officers were able to hear a siren sound from outside of the house.

LT. Jamie Belcher says it makes their job easier and quicker.

"Through the phone companies, can take up to 3-4 weeks for us to get locations of phones," Belcher says .

And the apps let you lock your phone, protecting your identity.

Some useful apps include: Find My iPhone (free); Lookout Mobile Security (free) and GadgetTrack ($3.99).

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