Secretary of State cracks down on underage drinking


SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says police are stepping up efforts to crack down on underage drinking at bars statewide during the holiday break.

Over the past weekend, police busted 14 people using fake identification cards during efforts on Division Street and Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

"Underage drinking is not only illegal, it's dangerous," said White.  "Don't risk losing your driving privileges, paying a fine or going to jail.  Illegal consumption of liquor can result in alcohol overdoses or potentially deadly drunk driving crashes.   We want to send a message to young people to think twice about using a fake ID."

Those caught using fictitious, fraudulent or someone else's identification can face a one year driver's license suspension, revocation, fines from $2,500 to $25,000 as well as jail time.  The establishment selling alcohol can also face charges.



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