Decatur attracting new businesses with tax incentives


DECATUR -- The city of Decatur wants to attract new businesses to open up shop by giving some new deals on taxes.

The goal is to redevelop parts of the city where space already exists -- along Pershing Rd. and Eldorado St.

"The infrastructure to support development is already there," said City Manager Ryan McCrady.

Pershing Rd. and Eldorado St. are parts of Decatur's Enterprise Zone, a tool used to spur local economic development.

The city recently started working with the Economic Development Corporation, trying to give new businesses incentives to come to Decatur. Those include property tax savings and no sales tax on construction materials, McCrady said.

Decatur Economic Development Corporation's Craig Coil told WAND it will help create and keep jobs in Decatur.

"At the end of the day it's about jobs," Coil said. "It's been a difficult environment for us in Decatur and Illinois over the past few years, and the enterprise zone has kept us as stable as we can be."

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