Cops cracking down on child pornography


DECATUR -- Police are cracking down on child pornography in Central Illinois with the investigative effort called "Operation Blue Monday."

The goal is getting criminals off the streets, but most importantly offline.

Both federal and local law enforcement were in Urbana Thursday, recognizing the group effort for recent child porn-related arrests.

All of those involved investigations after enacting "Operation Blue Monday."

Over the past five months, eight offenders have been charged on the federal level in East Central Illinois.

The investigation is ongoing, says Homeland Security Investigation's Mike Mitchell. But they're also trying to dissuade any potential users.

"When child pornography is released on the internet, it lives there forever," Mitchell said. "It haunts the children that are depicted in those images, who live daily with the knowledge that countless strangers use those images of the worst experience of their lives for their own gratification."

Anyone with possession of child porn faces a maximum sentence of 10 years, and anyone who advertises to trade it could stay behind bars for life.

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