Winter Weather Creates Havoc for Central Illinois Drivers


Decatur - Two words sum up weather in Illinois Thursday - windy and cold.

It also meant hazardous travel conditions for drivers in Central Illinois.  WAND News received several reports of semis and cars in ditches on highways, along with several weather related accidents on Interstate's 72 and 57. .

Winter weather made its impact early Thursday afternoon and evening.
With it, it brought heavy winds that literally shook stop-lights, bitter cold temperatures, and the first snow of the year for central Illinois.
The Macon County Sheriff and an IDOT workers said when weather gets like this the best thing anyone can do is just stay home.

"The best advice I can give is that unless it's an emergency, don't go out and drive.  These are the conditions that of course increase your chances of having an accident," said sheriff Tom Schneider.

IDOT field technician Gary Larson told WAND News,"if they don't have to be out there this would be a good night to stay home to watch TV or read a book or something else because with the high winds if we get very much snow the visibility's going to be very bad."

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